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The OSRS GE Tracker strives to be a completely free alternative to other GE tools on the market to help you maximize GP per hour. This tool was modeled off of RuneScape Wiki's GE Tool with an emphasis on flipping items and "playing the spread". It is personally my favorite tool to use when flipping as the GE Fee has already been factored in to any potential trade allowing me to flip more effectively. Suggestions are always welcomed and can be discussed on the OSRS GE Tracker Discord Channel.

Change Log

November 2023

  • Removed additional item info section
  • Added partnerships

July 2023

  • Added Item Sets
  • Added Decanting
  • Item pins and filters will no longer be deleted when navigating pages
  • Can now show 25, 50, or 100 items at a time

June 2023

  • UI Updates
  • Added Item Directory
  • Added High Alchemy Table
  • Performance / Navigation improvements

May 2023

  • Added item images
  • Performance improvements

April 2023

  • Added historical charts for all tradable items
  • Charts now have the option to add moving averages to track trends

March 2023

  • Initial release of OSRS GE Tracker


Live Data

All data presented is kept up to date thanks to RuneLite and the RuneScape Wiki's Public API.


Allows you to keep that item listed in the top table regardless of any filtering in place.

Once pinned, an item can be removed from the top table by using the trash icon in the unpin column


Allows you to add one or more customizable filters:

  1. Select the column you want to filter on.
  2. Select the operator. Either "greater than or equal to" [>=] or "less than or equal to" [<=].
  3. Enter the desired value you want to filter on.
  4. Press the "enter" key or the Filter button to apply the filter.

You can add as many filters as you would like as long as an existing filter column / operator combination is not already in use

Remove a filter by clicking the "Trash" icon next to the active filter.


By default, only the top 25 items (based on filtering / sorting) are shown.

Searching performs character pattern matching allowing for easy access of finding specific items by typing in either the beginning or middle of the item's name.


By default, data is sorted on the "Margin x Volumn" column in descending order. Only one column can be sorted at a time by clicking on the column header. The first click will sort the column in descending order. The second click will sort the column in ascending order.


  • Pin / Unpin: Adds / Removes item from the Pinned table. Useful for if you are currently trading that item or want to keep a close eye on it.
  • Name: Name of item. These links will bring you to their respective item page containing historical charts, live analytics, and trends.
  • Limit: How many items you can buy every 4 hours. "0" is equivalent to "Unknown" from the wiki.
  • Buy Volume: The number of times the item was bought in the last 24 hours.
  • Sell Volume: The number of times the item was sold in the last 24 hours.
  • Latest Buy: The price of the most recent buy. target=" This is often referred to as the Ask.
  • Latest Sell: The price of the most recent sell. This is often referred to as the Bid.
  • Total Volume: The sum of the buy volume and sell volume in the last 24 hours.
  • Margin: The difference between the latest buy and the latest sell minus the GE Fee1. Margin = {Latest Sell} - {Latest Buy} - {GE Fee}. This is often reffered to as the Bid/Ask Spread.
  • ROI (%): This is calculated based on the Margin divided by the Latest Sell. ROI (%) = {Margin} / {Latest Sell}
  • Margin x Volume: This is simply the margin times the total volume. It is the most important column as it gives you an idea of how fast you can complete a trade weighted by the expected profit of that trade.

1GE Fee: All items sold on the GE incur a 1% fee (rounded-down) on the sell price. This fee is capped at 5 million gp. For example, any item sold for under 100 gp does not incur a fee, and any item sold for more than 500 million gp will be capped at a 5 million gp fee. This fee is occurs on each not, the trade as a whole.

Flipping Note: Because of the GE Fee, selling an item at 199 gp each will net the same price as selling the item for 200 gp each. Therefore, it is beneficial to subract 1 gp from your sell price (assuming your planned sell price was rouded to the hundreds digit) as this will place your offer in front others selling at the rounded price while not losing out on any effective profit.