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High Alching Guide

Casting High alchemy is a popular magic training method that allows players to convert items into coins.

Key Points

Magic Level Requirement: You need to have a Magic level of at least 55 to cast the High Level Alchemy spell.

Nature Runes: High alchemy requires Nature runes, so make sure you have an ample supply of them before you start. Each cast of High Alchemy requires 1 Nature rune.

Fire Runes: While high alchemy requires fire runes, it is recommend to use a staff that negates the need for fire runes to maximize profit. Here a few staff that supply infinite fire runes:

Alchemy Value: The alchemy value of an item determines how many coins a player receives when alching it. It is important to choose items with a high alchemy value to maximize your profit. Items with a high Grand Exchange price and low buying limit are usually good options though it may take longer for buy orders to fill.

Profit Margins: It's essential to calculate the profit margins of the items you plan to alchemize. Consider the cost of the item, the cost of a Nature rune, and the coins received from high alchemy. Look for items where the selling price is significantly higher than the combined cost of the item and the Nature rune.

Common Alchemy Items: Here are a few commonly used items for high alchemy in OSRSfor their consistent profit and high volume:

Remember, the prices of items in the game can fluctuate, so it's important to do your own research and calculations to ensure a profit.


Live Data

All data presented is kept up to date thanks to RuneLite and the RuneScape Wiki's Public API.


Allows you to keep that item listed in the top table regardless of any filtering in place.

Once pinned, an item can be removed from the top table by using the trash icon in the unpin column


Allows you to add one or more customizable filters:

  1. Select the column you want to filter on.
  2. Select the operator. Either "greater than or equal to" [>=] or "less than or equal to" [<=].
  3. Enter the desired value you want to filter on.
  4. Press the "enter" key or the Filter button to apply the filter.

You can add as many filters as you would like as long as an existing filter column / operator combination is not already in use

Remove a filter by clicking the "Trash" icon next to the active filter.


By default, only the top 25 items (based on filtering / sorting) are shown.

Searching performs character pattern matching allowing for easy access of finding specific items by typing in either the beginning or middle of the item's name.


By default, data is sorted on the "Margin x Volumn" column in descending order. Only one column can be sorted at a time by clicking on the column header. The first click will sort the column in descending order. The second click will sort the column in ascending order.


  • Pin / Unpin: Adds / Removes item from the Pinned table. Useful for if you are currently trading that item or want to keep a close eye on it.
  • Name: Name of item. These links will bring you to their respective item page containing historical charts, live analytics, and trends.
  • Limit: How many items you can buy every 4 hours. "0" is equivalent to "Unknown" from the wiki.
  • Total Volume: The sum of the buy volume and sell volume in the last 24 hours.
  • Ask: The price of the most recent buy.
  • Alch Value: The amount of GP that the item will be turned into when casting high alch.
  • Profit: The difference between the alch value of the item and the latest buy minus the current nature rune price. This assumes that the player is wielding a staff that negates the need for fire runes, most commonly the . Profit = {Alch Value} - {Ask} - {Current Nature Rune Price}.
  • Effective GP/Hr: This is the current profit of the item multiplied by 1200 - The maximum number of times that high alch can be casted per hour. This does not take into account the amount of time required to buy the items.