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Displaying all 40 tradable items starting with J

JadeJade - A semi precious stone.
Jade amuletJade amulet - I wonder if I can get this enchanted.
Jade amulet (u)Jade amulet (u) - It needs a string so I can wear it.
Jade bolt tipsJade bolt tips - Jade bolt tips.
Jade braceletJade bracelet - I wonder if this is valuable.
Jade dragon boltsJade dragon bolts - Dragon crossbow bolts, tipped with jade.
Jade dragon bolts (e)Jade dragon bolts (e) - Enchanted Dragon crossbow bolts, tipped with jade.
Jade macheteJade machete - A jungle specific slashing device.
Jade necklaceJade necklace - I wonder if this is valuable.
Jade ringJade ring - A valuable ring.
JangerberriesJangerberries - They don't look very ripe.
Jangerberry seedJangerberry seed - A jangerberry bush seed - plant in a bush patch.
Jar of chemicalsJar of chemicals - Looks unstable.
Jar of darknessJar of darkness - It smells like it's been where the sun doesn't shine.
Jar of decayJar of decay - Very healthy.
Jar of dirtJar of dirt - It's just a jar of dirt.
Jar of dreamsJar of dreams - With this jar, your dreams can come true!
Jar of eyesJar of eyes - Stop staring!
Jar of miasmaJar of miasma - It smells abysmal.
Jar of sandJar of sand - It's just a jar of sand.
Jar of smokeJar of smoke - Don't breath in.
Jar of soulsJar of souls - This may be of use for a certain person.
Jar of spiritsJar of spirits - How does someone jar this?
Jar of stoneJar of stone - Stones aren't very useful in this capacity.
Jar of swampJar of swamp - This is my Swamp!
Javelin shaftJavelin shaft - It's not very strong, but it could be pointy if you put a pointy tip on it.
Jester capeJester cape - A jester cape.
Jogre bonesJogre bones - Fairly big bones which smell distinctly of Jogre.
JugJug - This jug is empty.
Jug of waterJug of water - It's full of water.
Jug of wineJug of wine - It's full of wine.
Jungle camo legsJungle camo legs - These should make me harder to spot in jungle areas.
Jungle camo topJungle camo top - This should make me harder to spot in jungle areas.
Jungle demon maskJungle demon mask - A mask resembling a visage of a Greater Jungle demon.
Justiciar armour setJusticiar armour set - A set containing a Justiciar faceguard, Justiciar chestguard and Justiciar legguards.
Justiciar chestguardJusticiar chestguard - A Justiciar's chestguard. They once roamed the land casting judgements on wrongdoers, their decisions were never questioned.
Justiciar faceguardJusticiar faceguard - A helm that once belonged to a Justiciar, a loyal zealot of Saradomin.
Justiciar legguardsJusticiar legguards - A Justiciar's platelegs. Their once bright colours have since faded.
Jute fibreJute fibre - I can weave this to make sacks.
Jute seedJute seed - A jute plant seed - plant in a hops patch.