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Yak-hideYak-hide - Thakkrad, of Neitiznot, can cure this.
Yak-hide armour (legs)Yak-hide armour (legs) - Leg protection, made from smelly yak-hide.
Yak-hide armour (top)Yak-hide armour (top) - Smelly yak body armour.
Yanillian hopsYanillian hops - A handful of Yanillian Hops.
Yanillian seedYanillian seed - A Yanillian hop seed - plant in a hops patch.
Yellow beadYellow bead - A small round yellow bead.
Yellow bootsYellow boots - Very stylish!
Yellow capeYellow cape - A thick yellow cape.
Yellow dark bow paintYellow dark bow paint - Paints things yellow!
Yellow dyeYellow dye - A little bottle of yellow dye.
Yellow featherYellow feather - A bright yellow feather.
Yellow flowersYellow flowers - A posy of flowers.
Yellow glovesYellow gloves - These will keep my hands warm!
Yellow hatYellow hat - A silly pointed hat.
Yellow partyhatYellow partyhat - A nice hat from a cracker.
Yellow robe bottomsYellow robe bottoms - Made by werewolves for werewolves.
Yellow robe topYellow robe top - Some fine werewolf clothing.
Yew bird houseYew bird house - Feed and catch the birds by placing this in the right spot.
Yew comp bowYew comp bow - A powerful bow made from yew wood.
Yew logsYew logs - Logs cut from a yew tree.
Yew longbowYew longbow - A nice sturdy bow made out of yew.
Yew longbow (u)Yew longbow (u) - An unstrung yew longbow; I need a bowstring for this.
Yew pyre logsYew pyre logs - Yew logs prepared with sacred oil for a funeral pyre.
Yew rootsYew roots - The roots of the Yew tree.
Yew saplingYew sapling - This sapling is ready to be replanted in a tree patch.
Yew seedYew seed - Plant this in a plantpot of soil to grow a sapling.
Yew shieldYew shield - A solid yew shield.
Yew shortbowYew shortbow - A shortbow made out of yew, still effective.
Yew shortbow (u)Yew shortbow (u) - An unstrung yew shortbow; I need a bowstring for this.
Yew stockYew stock - A yew crossbow stock.
Young impling jarYoung impling jar - A young impling in a jar. Don't trap me, man.