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Displaying all 81 tradable items starting with L

LantadymeLantadyme - A powerful herb.
Lantadyme potion (unf)Lantadyme potion (unf) - I need another ingredient to finish this Lantadyme potion.
Lantadyme seedLantadyme seed - A lantadyme seed - plant in a herb patch.
Lantern lensLantern lens - A roughly circular disc of glass.
Large oak bed (flatpack)Large oak bed (flatpack) - How does it all fit in there?
Large teak bed (flatpack)Large teak bed (flatpack) - How does it all fit in there?
Larran's keyLarran's key - Opens Larran's chests in the Wilderness.
Larupia furLarupia fur - It's a perfect-looking larupia fur.
Larupia hatLarupia hat - This should make me harder to spot in woodland and jungle areas.
Larupia legsLarupia legs - These should make me harder to spot in woodland and jungle areas.
Larupia topLarupia top - This should make me harder to spot in woodland and jungle areas.
Lassar teleport (tablet)Lassar teleport (tablet) - A teleport to Lassar.
Lava battlestaffLava battlestaff - It's a slightly magical stick.
Lava dragon bonesLava dragon bones - Bones of a lava dragon.
Lava dragon maskLava dragon mask - Do I look scary?
Lava runeLava rune - A combined Earth and Fire Rune.
Lava scaleLava scale - A scale from the hide of a lava dragon.
Lava scale shardLava scale shard - Ground-up lava dragon scale.
Lava staff upgrade kitLava staff upgrade kit - Makes a lava battlestaff or mystic lava staff more beautiful.
Law runeLaw rune - Used for teleport spells.
Leaf-bladed battleaxeLeaf-bladed battleaxe - A razor-sharp battleaxe.
Leaf-bladed swordLeaf-bladed sword - A razor-sharp sword.
Lean snailLean snail - The lean, slimy corpse of a deceased giant snail.
Lean snail meatLean snail meat - A succulently slimy slice of sumptuous snail.
Leaping salmonLeaping salmon - Some non-tasty salmon.
Leaping sturgeonLeaping sturgeon - A bloated sturgeon.
Leaping troutLeaping trout - A sad-looking trout.
LeatherLeather - It's a piece of leather.
Leather bodyLeather body - Better than no armour!
Leather body (g)Leather body (g) - Better than no armour! Nice trim too!
Leather bootsLeather boots - Comfortable leather boots.
Leather chapsLeather chaps - Better than no armour!
Leather chaps (g)Leather chaps (g) - Better than no armour! Nice trim too!
Leather cowlLeather cowl - Better than no armour!
Leather glovesLeather gloves - These will keep my hands warm!
Leather vambracesLeather vambraces - Better than no armour!
Left eye patchLeft eye patch - A black piece of cloth on a string.
LemonLemon - A fresh lemon.
Lemon chunksLemon chunks - Fresh chunks of lemon.
Lemon slicesLemon slices - Fresh lemon slices.
Leprechaun hatLeprechaun hat - Top o' the morning!
Lesser demon maskLesser demon mask - Evil.
Light ballistaLight ballista - A weapon forged from the wreckage of an airship.
Light bow tieLight bow tie - Bow ties are cool.
Light frameLight frame - A light wooden frame.
Light infinity colour kitLight infinity colour kit - Use on infinity pieces to recolour them!
Light orbLight orb - A component of cave goblin Magic.
Light trousersLight trousers - Light tuxedo trousers with matching stockings.
Light tuxedo cuffsLight tuxedo cuffs - Linked tuxedo cuffs with a gold trim.
Light tuxedo jacketLight tuxedo jacket - A light tuxedo jacket with a matching shirt.
Light tuxedo shoesLight tuxedo shoes - Light shoes to match your light tuxedo.
LightbearerLightbearer - A heavy ring that glimmers with a strange power.
Lily of the sandsLily of the sands - A beautiful lily.
LimeLime - A fresh lime.
Lime chunksLime chunks - Fresh chunks of lime.
Lime slicesLime slices - Fresh lime slices.
LimestoneLimestone - Some limestone.
Limestone brickLimestone brick - A well carved limestone brick.
Limpwurt rootLimpwurt root - The root of a limpwurt plant.
Limpwurt seedLimpwurt seed - A limpwurt seed - plant in a flower patch.
LinenLinen - One sheet of mummy wrap.
LizardkickerLizardkicker - A viscous bright-green ale. Smells like a herpetarium.
Lizardman fangLizardman fang - Ripped from the maw of a dying lizardman of Kourend.
Loar remainsLoar remains - The remains of a deadly shade.
LobsterLobster - This looks tricky to eat.
Lobster potLobster pot - Useful for catching lobsters.
LockpickLockpick - For picking tough locks.
Locust meatLocust meat - Delicious and nutritious. Well, nutritious anyway.
LogsLogs - A number of wooden logs.
Long kebbit boltsLong kebbit bolts - Bolts made from the spikes of a razor-backed kebbit.
Long kebbit spikeLong kebbit spike - These bone spikes are both very tough and very sharp.
LongbowLongbow - A nice sturdy bow.
Longbow (u)Longbow (u) - I need to find a string for this.
Loop half of keyLoop half of key - The loop end of the mysterious Crystal Key. Can you find the other half?
Looting bag noteLooting bag note - A note that may be exchanged at a bank for a Looting Bag.
Lovakengj bannerLovakengj banner - A lovakite banner baring the sigil of house Lovakengj.
Lovakengj hoodLovakengj hood - A rare hood from Lovakengj .
Lovakengj scarfLovakengj scarf - A yellow scarf adorned with an ornamental anvil.
Lumberyard teleportLumberyard teleport - Teleports you to the Lumberyard.
Lumbridge teleport (tablet)Lumbridge teleport (tablet) - A teleport to Lumbridge.
Lunar isle teleportLunar isle teleport - Teleports you to Lunar isle.