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Displaying all 124 tradable items starting with W

War blessingWar blessing - The blood of the soldier makes the glory of the general.
Ward upgrade kitWard upgrade kit - Makes a malediction or odium ward more beautiful.
Warrior helmWarrior helm - This helmet is worn by warriors.
Warrior ringWarrior ring - A legendary ring once worn by Fremennik warriors.
Watchtower teleport (tablet)Watchtower teleport (tablet) - A teleport to the Yanille Watchtower.
Water battlestaffWater battlestaff - It's a slightly magical stick.
Water orbWater orb - A magic glowing orb.
Water runeWater rune - One of the 4 basic elemental Runes.
Water talismanWater talisman - A mysterious power emanates from the talisman...
Water tiaraWater tiara - A tiara infused with the properties of water.
Waterbirth teleport (tablet)Waterbirth teleport (tablet) - A teleport to Waterbirth Island.
Watering canWatering can - This watering can is empty.
WatermelonWatermelon - A juicy watermelon.
Watermelon seedWatermelon seed - A watermelon seed - plant in an allotment.
Watermelon sliceWatermelon slice - A slice of watermelon.
Waterskin(0)Waterskin(0) - A completely empty waterskin - you'll need to fill it up.
Waterskin(4)Waterskin(4) - A full waterskin with four portions of water.
Watson teleportWatson teleport - Teleports you to Watson's house in Great Kourend.
Weapon poisonWeapon poison - For use on daggers and projectiles.
Weapon poison(+)Weapon poison(+) - A vial of extra strong weapon poison, for spears and daggers.
Weapon poison(++)Weapon poison(++) - A vial of super strong weapon poison, for spears and daggers.
Webweaver bow (u)Webweaver bow (u) - A bow of a follower of Armadyl, corrupted by the power of Venenatis.
WeedsWeeds - A handful of weeds.
West ardougne teleport (tablet)West ardougne teleport (tablet) - A teleport to West Ardougne.
WhiskyWhisky - A bottle of Draynor Malt.
White 2h swordWhite 2h sword - A two handed sword.
White apronWhite apron - A mostly clean apron.
White battleaxeWhite battleaxe - A vicious looking axe.
White beadWhite bead - A small round white bead.
White beretWhite beret - Parlez-vous francais?
White berriesWhite berries - Sour berries, used in potions.
White boaterWhite boater - Stylish!
White bootsWhite boots - These will protect my feet.
White cavalierWhite cavalier - All for one and one for all!
White chainbodyWhite chainbody - A series of connected metal rings.
White clawsWhite claws - A set of fighting claws.
White daggerWhite dagger - A vicious white dagger.
White dagger(p)White dagger(p) - This dagger is poisoned.
White dagger(p+)White dagger(p+) - This dagger is poisoned.
White dagger(p++)White dagger(p++) - This dagger is poisoned.
White dark bow paintWhite dark bow paint - Paints things white!
White elegant blouseWhite elegant blouse - A well made elegant ladies' white blouse.
White elegant skirtWhite elegant skirt - A rather elegant white skirt.
White firelighterWhite firelighter - Makes firelighting a lot easier.
White flowersWhite flowers - A posy of flowers.
White full helmWhite full helm - A full face helmet.
White glovesWhite gloves - These will keep my hands warm!
White halberdWhite halberd - A white halberd.
White headbandWhite headband - A minimalist's hat.
White kiteshieldWhite kiteshield - A large metal shield.
White lilyWhite lily - A fully bloomed White lily.
White lily seedWhite lily seed - A white lily seed - plant in a flower patch.
White longswordWhite longsword - A razor sharp longsword.
White maceWhite mace - A spiky mace.
White magic staffWhite magic staff - A Magical staff.
White med helmWhite med helm - A medium sized helmet.
White partyhatWhite partyhat - A nice hat from a cracker.
White platebodyWhite platebody - Provides excellent protection.
White platelegsWhite platelegs - Big, White and heavy looking.
White plateskirtWhite plateskirt - Big, White and heavy looking.
White scimitarWhite scimitar - A vicious, curved sword.
White sq shieldWhite sq shield - A medium square shield.
White swordWhite sword - A razor sharp sword.
White toy horseyWhite toy horsey - A white toy horse.
White unicorn maskWhite unicorn mask - Pointy rainbows.
White warhammerWhite warhammer - I don't think it's intended for joinery.
Whiteberry seedWhiteberry seed - A whiteberry bush seed - plant in a bush patch.
Wild pieWild pie - A triumph of man over nature.
Wildblood hopsWildblood hops - A handful of Wildblood Hops.
Wildblood seedWildblood seed - A Wildblood hop seed - plant in a hops patch.
Wilderness crabs teleportWilderness crabs teleport - A teleport to near the dark crab fishing spots, in level 33 Wilderness.
Willow bird houseWillow bird house - Feed and catch the birds by placing this in the right spot.
Willow blackjackWillow blackjack - A handy little club made out of willow.
Willow blackjack(d)Willow blackjack(d) - A defensive blackjack.
Willow blackjack(o)Willow blackjack(o) - An offensive blackjack.
Willow branchWillow branch - A branch from a willow tree.
Willow comp bowWillow comp bow - A powerful bow made from willow wood.
Willow logsWillow logs - Logs cut from a willow tree.
Willow longbowWillow longbow - A nice sturdy bow made out of willow.
Willow longbow (u)Willow longbow (u) - An unstrung willow longbow; I need a bowstring for this.
Willow pyre logsWillow pyre logs - Willow logs prepared with sacred oil for a funeral pyre.
Willow rootsWillow roots - The roots of the Willow tree.
Willow saplingWillow sapling - This sapling is ready to be replanted in a tree patch.
Willow seedWillow seed - Plant this in a plantpot of soil to grow a sapling.
Willow shieldWillow shield - A solid willow shield.
Willow shortbowWillow shortbow - A shortbow made out of willow, still effective.
Willow shortbow (u)Willow shortbow (u) - An unstrung willow shortbow; I need a bowstring for this.
Willow stockWillow stock - A willow crossbow stock.
Wine of zamorakWine of zamorak - An evil wine for an evil god.
Wizard blizzardWizard blizzard - This looks like a strange mix.
Wizard bootsWizard boots - Slightly magical boots.
Wizard hatWizard hat - A silly pointed hat.
Wizard's mind bombWizard's mind bomb - It's got strange bubbles in it.
Woad leafWoad leaf - A slightly bluish leaf.
Woad seedWoad seed - A woad seed - plant in a flower patch.
Wolf bonesWolf bones - Bones of a recently slain wolf.
Wolf cloakWolf cloak - A very warm wolf cloak.
Wolf maskWolf mask - Howwwallll!
Wolfbone arrowtipsWolfbone arrowtips - I can make an ogre arrow with these.
Wood camo legsWood camo legs - These should make me harder to spot in wooded areas.
Wood camo topWood camo top - This should make me harder to spot in wooded areas.
Wood dining table (flatpack)Wood dining table (flatpack) - How does it all fit in there?
Wooden bed (flatpack)Wooden bed (flatpack) - How does it all fit in there?
Wooden bench (flatpack)Wooden bench (flatpack) - How does it all fit in there?
Wooden catWooden cat - A wooden cat toy.
Wooden chair (flatpack)Wooden chair (flatpack) - How does it all fit in there?
Wooden shieldWooden shield - A solid wooden shield.
Wooden shield (g)Wooden shield (g) - An epic wooden shield with a golden trim.
Wooden spoonWooden spoon - Spoooooon!
Wooden stockWooden stock - A wooden crossbow stock.
WoolWool - I think this came from a sheep.
Worm battaWorm batta - It actually smells quite good.
Worm crunchiesWorm crunchies - It actually smells quite good.
Worm holeWorm hole - It actually smells quite good.
Woven top (blue)Woven top (blue) - Blue top, very tiny.
Woven top (brown)Woven top (brown) - Far too small to wear.
Woven top (yellow)Woven top (yellow) - Yellow top, too small for me.
Wrapped oomlieWrapped oomlie - Oomlie meat in a palm leaf pouch. It just needs to be cooked.
Wrath runeWrath rune - Used for very high level missile spells.
Wrath talismanWrath talisman - A mysterious power emanates from the talisman...
Wrath tiaraWrath tiara - A tiara infused with the properties of wrath.
Wyrm bonesWyrm bones - I wonder how Wyrms have bones...
Wyvern bonesWyvern bones - Bones of a large flying creature!
Wyvern visageWyvern visage - It looks like this could be attached to a shield somehow.