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Displaying all 56 tradable items starting with H

HairHair - I can spin this into rope.
Half full wine jugHalf full wine jug - An optimist would say it's half full.
Half moon spectaclesHalf moon spectacles - The two halfs would surely make a full moon?
Halloween mask setHalloween mask set - A set containing red, green and blue Halloween masks.
Ham bootsHam boots - HAM boots as worn by the Humans Against Monsters group.
Ham cloakHam cloak - A HAM cape.
Ham glovesHam gloves - HAM gloves as worn by the Humans Against Monsters group.
Ham hoodHam hood - Light-weight head protection and eye shield.
Ham jointHam joint - A delicious joint of ham.
Ham logoHam logo - A badge for the HAM cult.
Ham robeHam robe - The label says 'Vivid Crimson', but it looks pink to me!
Ham shirtHam shirt - The label says 'Vivid Crimson', but it looks pink to me!
HammerHammer - Good for hitting things!
Hammerstone hopsHammerstone hops - A handful of Hammerstone Hops.
Hammerstone seedHammerstone seed - A Hammerstone hop seed - plant in a hops patch.
Hard leatherHard leather - It's a piece of hard leather.
Hard leather shieldHard leather shield - A solid oaken shield covered in hard leather.
Hardleather bodyHardleather body - Harder than normal leather.
Harmonised orbHarmonised orb - An ancient magical orb, corrupted by darkness.
Harmony island teleport (tablet)Harmony island teleport (tablet) - A teleport to Harmony Island.
HarpoonHarpoon - Useful for catching really big fish.
HarralanderHarralander - A useful herb.
Harralander potion (unf)Harralander potion (unf) - I need another ingredient to finish this Harralander potion.
Harralander seedHarralander seed - A harralander seed - plant in a herb patch.
Harralander tarHarralander tar - A dark, thick, foul-smelling, tar-like substance.
Hat eyepatchHat eyepatch - Essential pirate wear.
Headless arrowHeadless arrow - A wooden arrow shaft with flights attached.
Heavy ballistaHeavy ballista - A powerful weapon forged from the wreckage of an airship.
Heavy frameHeavy frame - A heavy wooden frame.
Helm of neitiznotHelm of neitiznot - A gift from Neitiznot's Burgher.
HerringHerring - Some nicely cooked herring.
Highwayman maskHighwayman mask - Your money or your life!
Hill giant clubHill giant club - A brutal weapon popular among giants.
Holy blessingHoly blessing - The path of the righteous man is beset on all sides by the inequities of the selfish and the tyranny of evil men.
Holy book page setHoly book page set - A set containing the four pages of Saradomin's Holy Book.
Holy elixirHoly elixir - A bottle of holy elixir.
Holy mouldHoly mould - Used to make holy symbols of Saradomin.
Holy sandalsHoly sandals - Holy footwear!
Holy symbolHoly symbol - A blessed holy symbol of Saradomin.
Holy wrapsHoly wraps - Holy handwear!
Honourable blessingHonourable blessing - Law is not law if it violates the principles of eternal justice.
Hood of darknessHood of darkness - A dark power is woven into this hood.
Hosidius bannerHosidius banner - A banner made of redwood baring the sigil of House Hosidius.
Hosidius hoodHosidius hood - A rare hood from Hosidius.
Hosidius scarfHosidius scarf - A green scarf adorned with an ornamental leaf.
Hunter potion(1)Hunter potion(1) - 1 dose of Hunter potion.
Hunter potion(2)Hunter potion(2) - 2 doses of Hunter potion.
Hunter potion(3)Hunter potion(3) - 3 doses of Hunter potion.
Hunter potion(4)Hunter potion(4) - 4 doses of Hunter potion.
Hunters' crossbowHunters' crossbow - A weapon made of bone and wood.
Hunting mix(1)Hunting mix(1) - One dose of fishy Hunter potion.
Hunting mix(2)Hunting mix(2) - Two doses of fishy Hunter potion.
Hydra bonesHydra bones - The bones of a hydra.
Hydra leatherHydra leather - Hide from a ferocious Hydra. It looks pretty tough.
Hydra tailHydra tail - Tail of a hydra, can be attached to a bonecrusher.
Hydra's clawHydra's claw - The claw of a ferocious hydra.